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We are Rajesh Patel Net Services Pvt Ltd is a Internet service provider firm registered under DOT (Department of Telecommunication). Rajesh Patel Net Services, is Indore's largest private Net service company.
Today Rajesh Patel Net Service has covered the entire Indore with over 85% of world-class optical fiber network. The technology deployed by Rajesh Patel Net Service are connected through very reliable and high capacity Transmission links on optical fiber cables,providing high quality uninterrupted and reliable services. 

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What to Expect?
The Internet has been constantly changing. Several years ago we were using Dial-up and it took ages to download a 192 kbps song, now a couple of minutes is enough to download entire YouTube playlist in high quality. Let’s dream up a bit and think about online events and technologies we’d get in 2013.
Big Changes in the IPv6 Landscape
Today, ten percent of the Alexa Top 1000 websites are now enabled with IPv6 and large access networks have enabled IPv6 for their end users, according to measurements we made for World IPv6 Launch..
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